Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Did you see that object on fire in South Miami yesterday ?

All over the new yesterday in South Miami Nov 29, 2009 - hundreds of reports coming in about a large red glowing orb - Did you see it or take photos? RealUfos wants to know please respond to this post.

Object seen on the coast - south Miami
News Report:
The truth may be out there, but South Florida police agencies say they're not going to spend any more resources looking for it.

As of Monday morning, Miami-Dade police said they had classified the case of the flying object believed to be on fire as unfounded.

"They found nothing that could conclude anything was wrong or there was anything criminal in nature," Miami-Dade Police Det. Robert Williams told CBS4.com.

On Sunday, reports from witnesses of a fiery flying object caused officials to conduct a massive search. Police and fire fighters scoured the area by car, boat and by helicopter.

Eleven-year-old Luis Mercado and his mom said they saw the object as they were driving home from dinner.

"We saw like a giant red-like, a huge intense red ball which flew right across the side," Mercado said. "We though it was a hot air balloon or we thought it was a plane like crashing. We didn't know what it was at all."

Several witnesses reported seeing the object that might have looked like a hot air ballon on fire.

Officials received those reports at about 7 p.m. from people who live in the area around Southwest 84th Street and 52nd Avenue.

"It was observed. It was noticed," Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesman Lt. Eddy Ballester told The Miami Herald. "Whether it is on fire or not is not known."

Whatever it was, it drew the attention from people in the neighborhood and officials took the report seriously enough to send 20 firefighters and launch a Miami-Dade police helicopter to search for what appeared to be a balloon. The search has since been called off.

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Anonymous said...

Are these kind of statements really newsworthy?

Man: "I grabbed it and pulled to the side of the road and threw dirt on it and I turned the fire off"

Kid: "As many options as I had in my head, I had no choice what it looked liked."

Interesting to read some comments from witnesses here, but other than that - I'd say the two witnesses in the news were probably the ones behind whatever was in the air.

Anonymous said...

Has Chinese lantern all over it!!!

ramzy said...

I saw it, driving west on Kendall drive. It seemed to be pretty high up, because the flame seemed to disappear for like 15degrees of the arc it took, then reappeared. Made me think that it went behind a cloud. I figured it was a meteor.

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