Friday, December 04, 2009

Triangle Ufo MIAMI FLORIDA 11/27/09

Click here to see the recent video of that triangle Ufo over Florida.
Were you in the area and did you see the object?- please respond to this post.

These triangle Ufos seem very similar all the time .. could they be a hang glider or kite with lights on them?

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Push Back said...

Type in the google search box , 10 million candle power lights and 20 million candle power lights. These are hand held lights. Use these lights to light up the UFO's and the Aliens. So as to get better pictures and recordings. Shine lasers on them. As an example , the triangle UFO's have lights at the three corners , target those lights and see what happens , target other parts of the UFO'S , make the them respond , make them come out in the open for all to see. Push and Pull . Push Back !

lol said...

Yeah, I'd love to see someone shine a spotlight on a UFO, but the chances of having it ready when a UFO decides to appear are tiny.

Anonymous said...

take the first youtube link off of your website. it is 4 seperate clips (3 of which are well known man made simulated ufo's) edited together to make it look like one video. IT IS A HOAX CLIP!

Push Back said...

Mount Adams has UFO'S every day. Get closer to where the craft are at and put the lights and lasers on them. Read my other posts in the forum.

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