Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ufo Experts death a mystery says coroner

This has news been making the rounds in the media recently.
If anyone has any further information on this situation please leave a comment:

Mystery surrounds the death of a UFO expert who was found dead in the sea.
An inquest into the death of Paul Vigay failed to conclude how he came to drown off Eastney Esplanade, Eastney, Portsmouth.

No-one saw the 44-year-old father-of-one enter the water and he left no suicide note.

The inquest heard how the computer expert - who was a leading figure internationally on the research of UFOs and crop circles and worked on the 2002 Mel Gibson film Signs - was discovered floating in the sea by dogwalkers shortly after 8am on February 20 last year.

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Anonymous said...

1 more, many 2 go! Sad.

Anonymous said...

1 more, many 2 go! Sad. We should been familiar with this type of shit by now, but we never will.

Anonymous said...

you notice his web site for crop circles is still up? what the heck!and their is no announcement of his death on there . what is going on?

Anonymous said...

he passed away on 20 Feb 2009, i checked on internet

Sonam said...

It's sad. I wish we had more info on that. The UFO community should do some research, that's the last thing we can do for him.

Endrid.D.Cold said...

I agree 100%. Having said that, the UFO community is well aware of what is apparently taking place. Many, TOO MANY, UFOlogists of high esteem are dropping like flies. Tireless researchers like Dr. James E McDonald, Dr. John Mack, Leonard Stringfield, etc., have literally given their all to the advancement of UFOlogical research & full disclosure. There is even a line of those who are convinced that Peter Jennings fell victim to the anti-UFO hammer after producing & airing his TV UFO documentary - "UFO's, Seeing Is Believing". Although his documentary didn't exactly ring the bell of truth and disclosure, it succeeded in introducing UFOlogy to the mainstream (lame-stream) media, hence, the mainstream(ish) private citizen. Presumably, he was introduced to a truth that was meant to remain a stranger until the powers that be saw fit to treat it otherwise.
So, Jennings gets cancer, Mack gets run down and killed by a hit & run driver, then came the heart attacks, the suicides, and various other exotic forms of murder.
It's sad alright. But it's also infuriating --

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