Monday, March 01, 2010

UFOs over Prestwick - Scotland Beb 27th 2200

Posters comments:
ilst working in my upstairs study I happened to glance up and out of the velux window into the night sky. My attention was immediately caught by a fairly quick moving light in the sky. Having worked in aviation for over 30 years I am no stranger to lights in the night sky and I was able immediately to spot this was not an aircraft or helicopter. I knew this because the object was lit uniformly both front and back and had no anti-col lights. Plus they were 100% silent. Over the next 15 minutes or so I spotted several more on identical tracks - North East to South West. They came from the direction of Prestwick Town Centre and headed out over the shoreline before disappearing. I called my office at the airport and two of my colleagues were able to see the lights too. One of them phoned the Air Traffic Contraol Tower and they to spotted the lights but had nothing on radar or any known aircraft in the area. I was able to capture some footage and some of that is on this clip. Personally I think they were most likely Chinese Lanterns. If anyone knows of an event in the area that might be letting these Lanterns go I would be grateful for the info. 1st time in my life I've seen something like this. It was pretty cool - even though I suspect the answer to be 100% terrestrial.
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Anonymous said...

100% Chinese Lanterns mate.

Anonymous said...

lanterns ...again.

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