Saturday, April 10, 2010

20 % of people believe Et's are already here !

Heard this interesting news poll today:

Aliens exist and they live in our midst disguised as humans -- at least, that's what 20 percent of people polled in a global survey believe.

The Reuters Ipsos poll of 23,000 adults in 22 countries showed that more than 40 percent of people from India and China believe that aliens walk among us disguised as humans, while those least likely to believe in this are from Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands (8 percent each).

However, the majority of people polled, or 80 percent, don't believe aliens in our midst.
"It would appear that that there's a modest correlation between the most populated countries and those more likely to indicate there may be aliens disguised amongst them compared with those countries with the smaller populations," said John Wright, Senior Vice President of market research firm Ipsos.

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Push Back said...

And have been all along.

Anonymous said...

Yes,they are here and I hope we can have real contact with them SOON!!!

Push Back said...

Think about changing the thinking of your mind so you can see them. This is the first step in seeing what is really there. When you can see them , take action to expose them.

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