Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Are Et's experimenting on sheep in the uk?

A interesting article in from the Sun about sheep mutilation and abduction in the UK:

After staging a dramatic stake-out they claim to have even WITNESSED unsuspecting sheep being zapped by two of the spheres.

Phil Hoyle, 53, who has spent nine years probing the riddle of livestock found killed, said of the night-time spectacle last month: "For a short while it looked more like a Star Wars battle."

Next day he interviewed farmers and "all but one had had some type of unusual disappearance of animals or deaths with strange injuries".

Phil - co-founder of a group calling itself the Animal Pathology Field Unit - is convinced the culprits come from another wool-d.

The retired steelworker, who lives near Shrewsbury, Shrops, said: "Animals are being clinically and surgically sampled by a highly advanced technology."

Continue reading at the Sun

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Anonymous said...

ET's with interstellar travel come here to cut some sheep and leaves on the ground a few pieces

Push Back said...

Where are the videos? , where is the proof? All that time and no videos? from another wool-d ?

Slushie Man said...

The Sun is a fake tabloid paper. please don't post articles from it and ruin your site's reputation.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Slushie Man. Generally speaking, unless there's some type of proof there is no point publishing or linking anything to The Sun newspaper.

The Sun really is a piss poor publication.

Anonymous said...

this is an interesting story and do not listen to the people below, you just wont get any proof for this but even if we had footage it would be subjected to ridicule anyway .

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in mutilations in the u.k would do well to check out the Animal Pathology Unit-A.P.U. They have investigated the real thing and it is happening a lot in the u.k. Genuine cases of strange bloodless Mutilations and stripping of meat where the sometimes the corpse has been literally stripped of every piece of its meat around the mutilated area. There are photos on there site of a group of farm animals which were attacked on the same night and all thats left of the animal was its four legs, head and its exposed ribcage bore absolutely NO meat at all and NO blood whatsoever. There was no blood on the animal, its bones were bleached white and there were no tracks or markings in the area around the corpse. This particular mutilation was covered up for three years until a member of the A.P.U eventually got acesss to the files and the photos through the courts and the legal process. Whatever process was used to do this to the animal was very sophisticated and the perpetrators had a great deal of expertise to be able to work in the conditions in the area without being caught in the act.

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