Saturday, April 10, 2010

Triangle Ufo Tucson, Arizona - Saturday, 3d April 2010.

A strange craft was seen flying over Tucson, Arizona on Saturday, 3d April 2010:
Would love to hear from anyone in the area who actually saw this - if you have please reply asap:
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Push Back said...

Liers , evil , devils , sulfer ,hoaxers

terry the censor said...

it's an airplane.

Sheila/alienS said...

That was me, that's my video.

[email protected]

I've recorded more since then.

ask, away, ask away...

Anonymous said...

Excellent video! Well, to be honest, I cant figure out what they are, I mean first I thought they might be satelites, but, they are too low in the sky to be that. They HAVE been seen at a height consistent with being in orbit but they have also been seen far, far lower in the sky than that, and the ones in this video are not in orbit. The formation, and the strict adherence to that formation is particularly impressive. These type of ufo, these particular kinds of configurations are being seen, literally everywhere, all over the world. I dont know what the hell they are. A while ago, I thought they were millitary, but these have been seen in every country, including here where I live, Ireland. Im stumped, I really am, I dont know what else to say. They have been seen here in my own country and that rules out U.S millitary and nobody here knows what they were either. The Army, government, coast guard, guardi(Irish Policeforce for those who may not be familiar), nobody was able to say what they were, OR, who was responsible for them.

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