Monday, April 05, 2010

Ufos filmed in Dubai

Hi All.. Im back onto the posts after my short easter break.
Here is a new interesting sighting sent to me from someone who filmed strange lights over Dubai.
If anyone has seen anything like this over Dubai recently realUfos would like to hear from you.
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Push Back said...

Ok I like this video , What is missing is the discription of the objects with the naked eye.

Anonymous said...

Even ET thinks its a shit hole.

Anonymous said...

Can you share what date/time this was filmed? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

looks like a runway right below the so called ufo.

Grounded said...

what no one ever considers when posting these videos are the following points (among many others):

1) how controlled (spy or otherwise) satellites are and how their newer technology (e.g. unknown to us via flashing lights, spinning lights, formations, etc)allows them to be manipulated.

2) the atmospheric influences on items floating in earth's atmosphere (space junk, smaller asteroids that don't burn in the atmosphere immediately, junk satellites not yet crashed to earth, etc)

3) the difficult task in determining actual distance between objects in any one direction and precise point of view shooting.(i.e. is one bright light north of one another but it looks like it's in a straight line with another light?)

4) Has no one a long range night vision camera with high def or high powered telescope outfitted with top notch camera and video capability? probably not...

5) always question the technology allowed to the's always flawed (i.e. major selling points: high def, high GB, autofocus) These typical features do not enable the user to truly fine tune the recording experience quickly and on-the-spot to give it added credibility)

Things to consider before posting...

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