Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Was a giant hole made by a Ufo?

News report submitted by one of our readers
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Anonymous said...

are you a naive retard???
This video is from the 80's or late 70"s

Anonymous said...

(1984) Mystery Hole! and there's nothing there about UFOs!

oh and yes, post more videos from youtube user shepherdsmusic...
that will make you a credible site.. NOT!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Seattle, WA; Grand Coulee is in eastern WA State and I remember this story because it was so unusual.

Yes, this event occurred in the '80's (so what); and actually, the geologist says in the video he doesn't rule out extraterrestrial explanations, so that's where that comes from (if you'd watch it before you posted a snarky comment, you'd find that out); and oh...big surprise, the other snarkster-commenter, here, must not have watched this video, either, because there was no music (shepherd's or otherwise).


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