Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Crop Circle 27th July 2010 at Beggar's Knoll,, Nr Westbury, Wiltshire UK

Yet another new crop circle this time on the 27th July 2010 at Beggar's Knoll, Nr Westbury, Wiltshire UK:

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the 'circlemakers' website. Within this site you will find a wealth of information by and about England's crop circlemakers. You'll be able to learn how to become a circlemaker using our easy to follow 'Beginners Guide'. Read about the history of circlemaking, 'hear' a circle being made and learn about some of the weird experiences the circlemakers have encountered whilst out making formations and gain some insight into 'why' this tight band of individuals spend their summers out in the fields of England flattening cereal crops in various intricate patterns! There's loads of stuff hear, so stop loitering and explore the site. Don't forget to send us your thoughts before you leave... see you in the fields.

Anonymous said...

Its not your fault you want to believe these things exsist you just have not kept up with your research and we have delightful people here to prove you wrong fact is on the discovery show where the proved that one wrong and the guy came out and showed how he did it. They had a team come in and make a very complex crop circle in 4 hours and even spent time scattering it with small metal particles and had a team of people come in and say it was authentic one of the best they had ever seen. I am sorry for your need to prove these things I am the paranormal is always interesting but the simplest answer is almost always correct and the idea that ufo’s flew millions of light years to draw in our crops makes no sense the most rational answer is its simply faked

Anonymous said...

I believe this is telling me not to wear stripped clothing today because it will clash with the earth's magnetic field!

In all seriousness though, I believe the most probable explanation for the creation of crop circles is human activity. However, some are extremely complex and one can only wonder as to how they came to be.

It's certainly perplexing stuff.

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