Friday, July 23, 2010

Were those lights over England flares?

I am quite sure that these lights reported over the north east of england were chinese lanterns.. but would like your feedback on this new report. If you live in the area and actually say these lights Realufos would like to hear from you - please reply.
Seen at around 2am on july 18th 2010.
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Webmaster said...

Hard to see from the video but given the very wild weather the UK has had over the past week or so, I'd doubt very much people would be setting off chinese lanterns. Be interested to know the conditions on that night though.

Anonymous said...

I'm very skeptical although if they were Chinese lanterns they would have been blown apart from each other with the audible wind. Also the number of them seemed to change and their sequence. I'm relatively local to this and just wondered why nobody else seemed to see anything ie nothing reported on local news or radio?

Dickos Fortuna said...

yeah pretty weird lanterns... odd that they would flare so high

Nick DK said...

Ofcause its not Lanterns.
If it were, u would see them raise from the ground, since the are not thrown out of planes.

So this i most likely flares, given the fact the drift the same way in the wind and the pop out of nothing like flare obvs. does.
U also dont see any rapid movement or change in direction indicating some intelligent flying object.

Anonymous said...

Hot air ballons!

Like in Zurich:

sean said...

strange!! look at the one at 5mins odd on the left hand side, it comes down from the sky and gets brighter and i dont think a lantern can do that...very very strange

Anonymous said...

flares do not burn out and then relite------do they?

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