Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Vatican's new statement - are we seeing disclosure in progress?

A closer look at the Timing of the Vatican's new statements about ET life and the recent comments from its chief astronomer .
George Noory, Richard C. Hoagland and Stanton Friedman look at implications from the recent Vatican's statements and their obvious disclosure timetable  (aired Friday, 17th September 2010) :

The Vatican's ET Disclosure Progress....

Guy Consolmagno, popes astronomer says he would baptise an alien - "Any entity – no matter how many tentacles it has – has a soul." Would he baptise an alien? "Only if they asked. read

July this year it comes out that the Vatican  has a observatory in the Tucson Arizona of all places (strangely they named their telescope "lucifer") and they are in joint collaboration with NASA to search for rogue planets. read

If you remember it was only last year in  the Vatican held a major conference gathering  numerous scientists together to discuss astrobiology and the implications that ET life would have for Earth.  read 

2008 -
 The Vatican  aired their revelation : "Believing that the universe may contain alien life does not contradict a faith in God, the  Vatican's chief astronomer said " - read .

2007 -
Vatican's Chief astronomer Monsignor  Corrado Balducci a theologian member of the Vatican Curia (governing body)  comes forward on Italian TV saying "extraterrestrial  contact is indeed  real phenomenon".read
Vatican and ET disclosure news report :

I still find it highly strange that the Vatican own's the telescope complex in Mt. Graham in Tucson Arizona . Especially considering the objectives of this telescope to detect rouge planets ( in collaboration with NASA). Oddly, Tucson is an area of numerous Ufo sightings over the last few years - a coincidence? Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

The Tantalizing Tentacles of news on Disclosure, amasses me!..yeah right!?...we will see!...take a big breath;...but don't hold it!...Richard gives us hope again!

Anonymous said...

I really cannot see why the governments of the world especially the u.s.a would disclose the e.t subject as it will take an act of god for them to do so. I personally cannot see this ever happening. the reason why religion is now talking about extraterrestrials is the fact that catholic religion is falling lower and lower into the abyss and they need followers as more and more people now are losing faith in their brainwashing and removing themselves from it especially over the recent problems they have been involved in.

I do personally believe that extraterrestrial biological entities are visiting earth and have been for a long time i cannot prove this but there is enough evidence to support it if people just bothered to research this phenomena.

the only real problem we have to deal with now is the fact that for fifty years now the american industrial complex with their black budget aerospace projects have their own secret space program and this is fifty years old at this stage in time so identifying real unidentified ariel phenomena i.e the alien ones compared to the secret craft the governments have now will be hard to tell which is ours or alien unfortunatly.

Anonymous said...

Yes!...researching the UFO.Phenomena on the Net, is a good thing,...But there is also disinformation out there, & you can never be entirely sure!?....Its an IQ. Test!!?...The word "Officially" is very elusive,when it comes to:..UFO.!?

Anonymous said...

We just have to keep our minds wide open and our senses vigilant at all times...

We want the 'truth' and to know how to react to it... however mundane or extraordinary it my be...

Anonymous said...

that idiot at the end of the AP video there say's it is proposterous what the vatican astronomer said that other life could be out there within the other billions of galaxies, and he goes on to say god created only adam and eve lol you see where this is going ? there are people out there still that think the world is flat and that they are the only intelligent beings in the universe, this is the mentality of very uneducated and seriously brainwashed people. if you want to know what god is god is electrical energy and is everywhere. religion should step aside imo and keep out of this phenomena they have held the world back hundreds of years with their forced brainwashing.


Anonymous said...

Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

Anonymous said...

Well, you,ve thrown the cat among the Pigeons now! household is cracking up! lol ...[Did Adam & Eve have a belly button?]wow!

Anonymous said...

Peace, Love, Light. :-)

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