Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ufo tailing a meteor over Turkey in 2002.

This is a video i may have covered before. Its from 2002 whereby a large meteor was meant to  impact earth over Turkey in 2002. Numerous witnesses say they saw a Ufo tailing the meteor and no major impact was detected. So the question is did the Ufo prevent the meteor crash? Your comments appreciated:

A meteor, entering the atmosphere of the Earth above Turkey on 1 November 2002 and likely to have caused a major disaster, was pulverized and rendered harmless by a UFO before it could strike the Earth. This conclusion was made by a research centre which investigated the reports of six aircrews. Amateur photographs and video recordings have also been made of the event.
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Anonymous said...

The way the so called Meteor, was breaking up, I would think that it had, burned-out in the atmosphere,...and if what was seen, as a ufo;...then it probably was making sure that it did burn-out!...But I'm not so sure it was a Meteor, you know!?...leave it at that, I think!

Anonymous said...

i believe there is [cosmic family] protecting this earth. somehow this makes me feel happy that not all aliens are bad, as we humans some of us is bad & the other is good. just like the yin/yang.

Black Cat.

Anonymous said...

It takes a damn sight more evidence to say a ufo destroyed it than someone's say-so. Show me the evidence.

Anonymous said...

I think evidence,is probably beyond comprehension!?...Would or Could, the evidence be, believable!?...The Absence of Evidence, isn't Evidence of Absence!? Mmm

Anonymous said...

6 turkish aircrafts seeing this ufo ... more infos about this event:

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