Thursday, October 07, 2010

Royal Society conference Ufo Update

A closer look by David Rothery at the recent Royal Society "Towards a scientific and societal agenda on extraterrestrial life" conference at the Kavli Royal Society International Conference Centre, Chicheley Hall, Bucks 4-5 Oct 2010

pt 2

Day 2
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Anonymous said...

It has been Proposed;...Should we make a call to ET. OR even answer the Phone!?....What sort of Proposal is that? when you consider, that they are darting all around our Planet,seen by some,being chased by Jets & Helicopters,that never will catch up,while when it suits them, abduct People, or cattle mutilations,are free to do so!...If you or I did this,we would be arrested!...A good reason for [Disclosure] to the People whom, don't know whats going on.

Anonymous said...

One thing I would like to comment on is;...It was suggested that, Transmissions from Earth, would "dissipate" after some considerable distance in Space, & that ET. Light-years away; would not be recieving these transmissions yet,if at all!? SO! if you put this concept in reverse, might explain why [Seti] is not receiving!?..Because of time & distance!..but they're all ready here, aren't they!?..SO!..How do they Transmit back Home?..Well!..Via the same means that they travel!..I would think!..A new Dimension of thought!?..[Seti] may need to upgrade!? lol

JamesDeVere said...

Whether there are intellegent, advanced human-like civilisations across the skies is important. I agree with Simon Baxter - the author - (?); something is, "missing."

One day, "the penny will drop," bringing that elixer the, "Ah, HA!" moment that will answer many more questions.

But, I'm sure a reft of challenges will also take the place of the old, recently solved, pieces of the puzzle ARE WE ALONE.

Thank`you . j

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