Thursday, October 07, 2010

UN representative Dr Mazlan Othman

While i'm waiting on more updates from what Dr Mazlan Othman from the UN mentioned at this weeks conference at the Royal Society. I will remind you again about her important lecture from Early on in January this year at the Royal society just in-case if you missed it. Her whole speech is here:

And if you missed it Former Mod Nick Pope talks about Dr Mazlan Othman's lecture and her role with the UN and Ufo disclosure:
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Anonymous said...

interesting i might say.

Anonymous said...

1st.Video.[Dr. Mazlan Othman.] LOL...Stare-Trek.was it!?..Peace!
2nd.Video.Interviewing: Nick Pope. To sum it up; Diplomacy! although, I think he would like to have said alot more than he's letting on, you can't help but feel that we're getting some where now,with this caliaber of reporting.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone one single individual represent or speak for an entire species?

Every single one of us is a legitimate Ambassador.

We do not need some bureaucrat or scientist have the monopoly on that!

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with Nick Pope. He acts strange.

Anonymous said...

If ET.WAS TO ASK,...Take me to your leader! It would look disorganised to say;..which one???
Going on 7 Billion People in this world! the UN. seems to me,to be a logical choice, for an Ambassador of all People, of this world; [7 Billion People] just think of that number!? a huge task!

Push Back said...

Nick Pope is not what he appears to be , he acts strange.

Anonymous said...

Anything that comes out of the United Nations or the freakin' Royal Society should be taken with a very large grain of salt. They may be laying the foundation for staged ET stuff.

GOOGLE SEARCH: Depopulation Fanatics, Eugenicists Launch “Objective” Global Population Study

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said,on the 7th.Comment:
[They may be laying the foundation for Staged ET. stuff]...I hear yu!..hadn't thought of that, Interesting!?...That WOULD be underhanded!? Who knows??

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