Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Clear triangle Ufo over Antofagasta Chile 03/04/2011 ovni

New triangle Ufo video report here in from Antofagasta Chile filmed on the 03/04/2011.
It seems that multiple video sources have come with this sighting with different people in Chile video recording what looks like a very interesting triangle formation. I will try and add more video footage as it appears on the web of this interesting sighting. If you live in this region on Chile i would like to hear from you asap as a reply to this post. Would also like everyone's opinion on this sighting. The daylight footage (which you must see in 720pin HD at fullscreen is puzzling as well)

April 3, 2011, at dawn and at 1 and some of the morning: ovni

 Daytime UFO video of three unknown object moving - Watch in HD 720 is better FULLScreen:

 Antofagasta Chile

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Anonymous said...

People worldwide are having a ball releasing lanterns and filming them, what a shame, especially those of us falling for them !!

Anonymous said...

"The Daylight footage"

My!My! I've got to give it to you,
thats clear!!

I ran the video as you suggested in
720pin HD. fullscreen and magnified full.

One of three appears to be a disc!
not bad!

Next question:)..WHOs Disc?
OURS [Earth]..or theirs!? AND!
it might be computer controlled of sorts."What if" these sightings are of Earthbound origin,from back
engineering,..that is worth considering!?..just consider for now,that these sightings, may not have anything to do with ETs. Directly, that they might be the result of back engineering from retrieved UFO.

Now there's a thought!?

Anonymous said...

The ones in the daylight video are definitely helicopters.Their noise can clearly be heard even if there is a pathetic attempt to cover it with some random sound effects

Michael said...

I think I have to agree, lanterns in 1 & 2 & helicopters in 3, of course I wasn't there so I can't know for sure.

Anonymous said...

yea i think there just helicopters pretty cool vid tho! sure makes u wonder

Anonymous said...

What's puzzling about three helicopters flying in formation in 720p HD????
What has become of this site?

Anonymous said...

What's puzzling me,is all of you,
your "assumption" that it is three Helicopters & that they can be heard. I didn't see that, OR any
Helicopter sound!!

I think its possible that they may have been, but not identifiable as such.In fact all that could be seen from my view,was three small black dots.

They could be anything you would like them to be!..what a laugh!?

I had magnified the three, & one appeared to be disc shaped,but to tell you the truth,I'm in doubt about it, because of the lack of pixels...So while it looked somewhat disc shaped, I really don't know,but I can tell you this
I didn't see a Helicopter under
magnification,not a hint!!

So really,they are unidentifiable, a UFO!?

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