Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ufos from 200 to 15.000 year ago

Just a reminder that Ufos are not only a modern day phenomena  but have been recorded all through-out human history and can be seen from numerous art works, especially christian artwork:
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Michael said...

Exactly. All the talk about UFOs being black ops military experimental craft is a nice concept in theory but it doesn't explain 80% of the undeniable evidence out there. There's too much going on all over the world w/sightings of these completely physics defying/undeniably other worldly crafts combined w/the evidence provided in the imagery of our ancestors found in artwork/statues & sculptures is too far fetched a coincidence to be misenterpretation or coincidence. The topic of these glyphs/ the religious art w/objects (UFOs) shown in the sky/beings obviously not of typical human form is open for interpretation, but come on... Think about; images of craft appearing in the sky/beings in space suits/inhuman figures appearing across the globe in the artwork of ancient civilizations dating back as far as thousands of years ago... The odds of it ALL being misinterpreted or symbolism is highly unlikely. These are our creators. These are our gods. They have been here longer then us, and are still showing up today. Stop being so afraid and naive & open your eyes skeptics, the truth is right in front of you.

Stephen said...

But these depictions need to be interpreted first and foremost in the context of religious symbolism. See:

Anonymous said...

this is amazing!what could it else be that the painted?if we should paint a UFO that we saw today the paintings would almost look the same as this.Hope for full disclosure real soon/Sweden.

Colin said...

An interesting thing I have noticed about the "Madonna with Saint Giovannino" apart from the obvious, is that the right side of the halo over Madonna looks an awful lot like a finger pointing directly at the disc, even looks to me as though there is a fingernail on said finger although I admit the fingernail is uncertain as I could not find a better quality image of this painting and have not seen the original. However I further believe this to be a pointing finger because of the placement of the halo over her head, it is sitting a a totally different angle to that on the child's head, this seems to me to be deliberate. Wondering if anyone else had any thoughts on this?

Michael said...

@Stephen yes. A very valid point... But what you seem to be missing is the fact that the SAME symbolism is appearing throughout EVERY religion across the globe. Same depictions of crafts on the sky, same interpretation yet stretched thousands of miles apart. How can 2 separate belief systems depict the same figures unless they both witnessed the same objects/beings? It doesn't make sense. It's like saying 2 groups of people on different continents shared a mass hallucination of the same image.

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