Thursday, April 07, 2011

Objects spotted in Polar Light

Video made of images found on NASA's Gateway Website. The photos show groups of objects. NASA forgot to edit these photos, which for the first time REALLY show us that there are (alien) lifeforms living on the edge of space. Photos originally taken by Spacelab III. The fleet was photographed over the Polar Light.
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Michael said...

Ice crystals refracting light, light anomalies caused by condensation etc. Tons of non paranormal explanations for this

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are satellites?

syl1981 said...

ufo or spirit?

Anonymous said...

Space junk.. Period

Anonymous said...

It might just be part of the northern lights.

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY Michael,..and it,s bit interesting....good color school!?
White one,Blue one,Orange one....:)

Anonymous said...

Yes I would tend to agree this is ice or some other kind of space debris, the fact that nearly all these objects appear exactly the same shape in each respective shot suggests it is sudden movement of the camera causing the shapes, and not the objects shape-shifting as you suggested.

Sander1967 said...


I have read a lot of scepticism / stupid remarks about my video. I honestly must say that initially I too had doubts about the things I saw.

Many people say that this the result of reflections, photographic time exposure and other technical issues. Well ... I challenge you to show me with some photographic material or a video that you can proof that these anomalies are a result of time exposure. Because I doubt you will be able! What camera movements, shuttertime is required to make these photos? NONE. You cannot make spiral shaped objects from stars with a long exposure time. The objects would become a line, stripe, blurred dot but never ever triangle shape, spiral shape, or with more than 1 angle. Skylab III circled around the earth so any stars with long exposure time would have become curved lines. I have been a hobby astronomer for more than 3 decades and know all about photographic time exposure.

Read this for a change: hxxp://­trail-photography



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