Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ufos ? 2 objects slow down upon nearing atmosphere

An old but still interesting video from the NASA tapes.
How did these 2 object slow down so quickly?
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Anonymous said...

when the first object comes into the frame with high speed, look at the earth. the video runs much faster. then the earth turns slower and the objekts slow down.

TheChosen1 said...

That is amazing!!!

If anyone still needed further proof we are not alone than they should watch this and try to explain what in the known world could possibly perform in such a manner without killing themselves because of the G-force involved?

Nick DK said...

Easy question mate!

The slow down that fast, because there are being zoomed out and then stopped at the moment the object enter the screen!

Its how the change flightangel thats the REAL question!

Anonymous said...

ahhh nothing of interest to me

Anonymous said...

this is the camera zooming out and panning to the lower left.

Anonymous said...

The objects appear to change direction because the camera pans out and tilts down. The objects don't slowdown or turn. Watch it a few times and use the earth as a reference.

Anonymous said...

LOL, they speed down the VIDEO, you can see it on the Earth Rotation, what a HOAX

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