Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ufo trails rocket ? Kazakhstan May 2011

What was this strange ufo like object seen trailing a rocket launch over Kazakhstan?
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Anonymous said...

PLEASE! use TRIPOD, or steady hand,
it will improve perception of this
viewing later, for the effort you take in the first place,for what its worth,...or not worth!?

Anonymous said...

Not a bad shot! but its IMPORTANT
to be steady with your shot, and
also to PAN SLOWLY very slowly,thus
avoiding "light streaking" hopefully!?...the little things DO matter! because they all add up to
quality,and that is something that we all appreciate!YES?..just take your time, be focused! and get it right!
After all, it is YOUR TIME!!
The other end of all this, is OUR time in how we view these videos, are they worth it?...are they clear?...does, what we see, make sense?..We only ask,that you do your best, "for THAT good shot" and the rest should fall into place. That would be appreciated.

Bathtub said...

This look like the booster stage of the rocket falling back to earth after separation. It doesn't just plunge into the ground - parachutes are deployed so that it falls slowly.

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