Thursday, June 23, 2011

Was it a UFO over Colorado ?

New Ufo footage submitted by a reader over Colorado.
Thoughts and comments on this footage people?
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Anonymous said...

I had this urge to call the fire Brigade...oh! it is the fire Brigade?? it looks like the real thing, ufo this time!?

Look! how many people saw this with their own eyes?..Witnesses please, looks good,but is it??

Anonymous said...

Wow this is some good footage.
If the camera was better it would had been amazing.

Anonymous said...

meravigliosa !!

Far Out! said...

yeah thats a typical disc shaped craft right there .this vid is under rated.. I think its most likely real - being an alien spacecraft.. also youtube "colorado UFO 1963" vid, which is also most likely REAL . go REALUFO's, such a Top site of cosmic proportions for whats up globally

Anonymous said...

So little and even no information is given with UFO reports that it can be anything , even just lights.

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