Thursday, August 11, 2011

New British UFO files released 9th August 2011

A huge new update with new British UFO files released 9th August 2011

See the national archives here . I recommend overlooking their highlights guide here.

Ministry Of Defence Not Interested In UFOs 2011

Subjects include:
RAF image experts study UFO photo: Notts, 2004
Threat from Near Earth Objects (NEOs)

Retired Fighter Controller recalls night RAF scrambled to intercept UFO

MoD official recalls Winston Churchill’s interest in UFOs

Mork and Mindy visit East Dulwich
MoD UFO study

UFO briefing for Defence Minister (Peter Kilfoyle) in 1999

European UFO study group vetoed

Chinese Lanterns and Glastonbury Festival UFOs

DEFE 24/2035/1, p89, contains sighting reports describing my
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