Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pilot Reports Triangular Shadow Of Cloaked Ufo ?

Pilots are often the most credible witnesses to Ufo related events.
This puzzling new report comes from a Pilot who states he came close to a Triangular Shadow of a invisible or in sci fi terms a "cloaked Ufo". It is reported that invisible triangle ufos are often the ones spotted with just the lights at every tip or 3 triangular orbs.

Pilot reports seeing a huge shadow of a triangular shaped craft passing across the right wing of his airplane while flying one day... Yet neither himself nor his co-pilot could see what was creating this shadow! The shadow was so clear and well defined their immediate concern was whatever was creating it had to have been dangerously close to their own aircraft. The airplane was traveling at approximately 100 mph (160 kmh) while the triangle shadow was traveling at approximately 200 mph (over 300 kmh)

I don't know anything about invisibility but presumably the craft wasn't completely invisible inasmuch as light was unable to pass through it (the shadow). Perhaps it was a classified (terrestrial) craft as the British and US military have made public their ability to create the optical illusion of invisibility with both small and large objects. When you watch the rest of the clip however the presenter (who is very knowledgeable) makes it clear that while he definitely accepts a certain number of UFO reports have their explanation in military endevours, he doesn't believe this case is one such example. This testimony was one of numerous in the area at the time of both a triangular shaped shadow and also a triangular shaped craft. The man with the camera around his neck is a journalist who was covering the story.


Anonymous said...

I don't doubt at all,that the Pilots saw a Shadow on the wing of
their aircraft,..what doesn't make
sense,is a shadow cast down on the plane by a cloaked Triangle craft of some kind.

Theoretically;..A cloaked object, IS NOT! blocking light from any
direction,..thus,cannot cast a shadow,..even from the sun!?
The light would be bent around the object,to continue on, in all directions!?..Hence the object is there,but not seen!..invisible to the eye!..There can be NO shadow!!

SO! cast a shadow on the wing of the aircraft,the object would have to be in the direction of the sun,and "NOT cloaked" at all!!
They didn't see it,or they couldn't see it,because they would be looking into the SUN,..Yes!?

In my opinion!?

M C Walton said...

If it's cloaked, does that make it invisible? And if it's invisible, does it still block out light? Just askin'.

Anonymous said...

Cloaking; means:.."Covering or Concealing something!" this case,is "concealing" an object, from being seen, thus invisible to the eye. "The object is cloaked"

The light is not blocked:---->||
it is bent around an object:
-----O-----> to continue---->

Think of the electronic working order, of an old TV.Vacuum tube,for a "SIMILAR" example!?
it is NOT the same working order as the old tube, but is a similar electronic principals of bending light,...if that helps the thought process!?

Also! could be explained why SOME UFO. do not show up on RADAR,
because the microwave transmission
"on the same principal" could be bent around the object,Preventing a reflection back to the dish, of the target.

Remember: this is a "hypotheses" of high technology, of phenomenon that has been witnessed by many around the world,that needs answers
or at least something to think about, because at the moment who realy knows for sure!?

Just remembe!if an object is there,
& that is assuming its there,
and you can not see it,because you are seeing the clouds or what ever is behind it, then it can not be blocking the light of your viewing behind it:) the natural conclusion is, that light is being bent around the object, not blocking it.......

Anonymous said...

BLOCKED LIGHT: or Obscured light, Cast's a shadow!
"such as in an eclipse"

DIODE25 said...

For all you retards speculating about cloaking:

The light is not bent, and the object is not transparent.

Actual cloaking techniques being developed are similar in function to cephalopod chromatiphores.

Involving "active camouflage", these techniques can incorporate counter-illumination, counter-shading, holography (phased array optics), organic light emitting diodes (images to be projected onto irregularly-shaped surfaces), photovoltaics (fuel and energy systems), solid state lighting, and plasma (ionized gas) for the use of of reducing and absorbing radio frequency signals, radar cross section, and electromagnetic radiation, and many other types of "physically" active camouflage.

Anonymous said...


An all good explanation, of an electronic camouflage, yes ok!

but "camouflage" is a distinctly different enviroment, from the "cloaking" of reflected light off its target, BUT! the result is the same,you don't see the target!!

1st. Result is the "trickery" of light:

2nd. Result is the cloaking of the target: "NO light reflection"

The compleat control of light!

NOT CAMOUFLAGE!! No trick of light!

although both! could be seen as CLOAKING devises..metaphorically speaking:)

Anonymous said...

Consider this!...if a UFO. was to be camouflaged, likened to a cephalopod, then it could be poseable,depending on the degree of angle,being viewed & the distance away at the time,that the ufo "SHAPE" could appear as a ufo. shaped cloud,with a blue sky background, or a blue shaped ufo. with a cloudy background, this camouflage, has a problem!!

This camouflage, could work in an all cloud environment, or nothing but blue sky, but it would have to be one, or the other! but just consider the angle of view,that's where it could have the problem!

In my view!..OBSOLETE in comparson,
to ETs. technology...........