Friday, December 09, 2011

Massive Ufo object spotted near Mercury ?

This story is doing the rounds on the internet.
It may be a result of imaging but i would still like to hear your take on what the object may be:
A gigantic object the size of a planet has appeared on astronomers' screens lurking near Mercury, with UFO hunters around the world wondering whether it’s an alien ship.
The object appears from nowhere in a sequence of images of a coronal ejection from the Sun, taken by a Nasa telescope.
As the flare races past Mercury, a huge round object appears next to it – but Nasa scientists insist that the object is merely a result of the way the images are processed.
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Posters comments:
A theory has emerged that it is a cloaked spaceship orbiting Mercury after a camera onboard NASA's STEREO spacecraft captured a wave of electronically charged material shooting out from the sun. This collided with the planet on Thursday. The images represent a "coronal mass ejection" (CME) which suggests that alien life could possibly exist within our solar system.

Update - NASA's response to the video - Mercury UFO Just Artefact Not Spaceship 2011
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Kibby said...

Um why low rating? It's not believable or something?

george said...

obviously a cloaked ship near Mercury,roughly arrow shaped,with a back and front,compartmentalized with the telltale signs of squareness and straight lines of a manufactured object.Obvious,and Huge.A massive star ship of course,in orbit,not a meteor,etc etc..

Anonymous said...

George! I know your entitled to your opinion, & thats fine, but why do you think this looks so OBVIOUS? it dosn't look obvious to me, & I would like to know what it is, that you see in this, that I'm not, that makes it OBVIOUS TO YOU!?...if you had said: "I think"
that would have been just fine.
but to say that it is "obvious"
kind of suggests, that you know a bit more about this thing, than the
rest of us, whom don't see it as beeing OBVIOUS!...Please enlighten us a bit more than your last comment, that its: "OBVIOUSLY A CLOAKED SHIP!" dosn't look obvious, at all!!...obvious means: easy to see! yes?:)

Anonymous said...

when the wave of sun matter passes and makes the possible ship visible, it also makes alot of other things visible,look at the difference, and how many stars/others there are BEFORE and then DURING the wave

Anonymous said...

The only thing obvious is the fact that someone's been drinking the Kool-Aid once again!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

your kind an your planet is near its end sadly it is the only planet in this quadrent capable of supporting life. we are you we come in peace tell brakk

Anonymous said...

Turn the telly OFF...p l e a s e!!

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