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This weeks readers Ufo sightings report Feb 2012

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Your Ufo sightings for Feb 2012, note if you lso witnesses ufo sightings in areas mentioned below please respond to this post, the more feedback we get the better we can understand these sightings.

On 2/22/2012 approximately 8:50 p.m., my friend and I observed a couple of strange bright lights approximately 28 degrees, to 56 degrees of elavation west of Bay City, MI. Thought may be a helicopter, but there was no sound for they were awefully bright. then while obseving them move slowly in a northerly direction for 20 minutes. We saw four different jets fly by. One jet passed under the bigger of the objects. Was very tiny compared to what I was observing.

Arlington, Texas
I was on my third floor porch facing West this morning 2/22/12 at about 6:23 AM (Still dark) when my husband and I clearly saw two bright lights. They didn't move just seemed to hover for awhile then slowly faded. It was shocking for us because we see planes all the time from our porch so we're very used to them and they're flight patterns. This was no Airplane!

Cambridge Johannesburg, South Africa
Fri Feb 17 approx. 22h00 - orb seen whilst driving down Westminster toward Cambridge in Craighall Park. Very low, controlled movement. Flew off northward and vanished from sight extremely quickly.
I would greatly welcome any information on the matter in general or to know if there was anyone else who sighted it/them (there could have been others that I couldn't see because of the tree coverage). Apparently, as I've I have been reading on the net, they usually are in groups of three or more. Some opinions are that they are small satellite crafts (perhaps remotely controlled) despatched from the main craft.
One website suggested that rather than being a craft, they may be an actual being!.

SanJuan Capistrano
My husband was on the 5 freeway going north through SanJuan Capistrano and looked over to the left and caught this [strange photo] out toward the ocean.

Bedford VA USA
On Monday, Feb. 20, 2012 at approx. 6:50 pm I observed a (6X) recurring brilliant light,in the Western sky low in the horizon, possibly 6-800 Ft. above ground. After approx 30 min., the light had moved in a NW path with slight decline in elev.and continued this trend until 10:22 pm, at which time the light began to noticibly descend toward the NW slope of a nearby mountain. By 10:35 p.m. the light had dropped below the treeline.

Dublin Texas
At 7:27 pm on 2/21/12 I recieved a phone call from a friend. My young children were being prepared for bed by my wife and I so I stepped into my garage to talk on the phone in quiet. I live in rural area in western Erath county, Texas on a farm that we purchased in part for it's southern and western view (we can see for approx 40-60 miles in either direction). As I spoke with my friend two unbelievably bright lights appeared at about 15-20 degrees above the horizon no more than 1 mile above my pasture. At first I thought they were engines on a large jet that was apparently crashing coming straight north toward my house. They then disappeared, followed by what looked like fireworks with a trail after they disappeared. Almost immediately afterward ten to fifteen of the brilliant lights appeared in a straight row at equal distances across the sky from east to west. The light began in the middle and went out in both directions, hovered for 20 seconds and disappeared. I yelled for my wife and when she came small flashing lights were all over the sky moving in ways we have never seen an airplane operate; up, down, sideways. The same or a very similar process as the first happened again a few minutes later to the east with both my wife and I watching. Soon afterward we heard jets in the night sky but did not see them. Also, while this entire event happened there was low hum and sometimes an odd rumble. We are very rational, calm, college educated adults. We don't know what we saw other than very strange lights. I started writing this less than 1 hour after it happened.
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