Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ufo orbs or bats ? New york 2011-06-20

Note you must view this one in full screen to actually see it (press square bottom right of video) - seen at 0.27 into the video:
These orbs seem to hover in the same spot and are shiny - do bats or birds do this?

Mufon posters comments:
I was sitting on my back porch noticed 4 white objects hovering in a diamond shaped pattern. I ran down into my basement and grabbed my camcorder. I managed to record some shaky footage while pointing out to my wife where to look in the sky. I paused recording to mount camcorder on tripod which my wife brought out to me. This took less than a minute. Once I was up and running again on one Orb remained which descended behind tree line.
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Anonymous said...

Wifey doesn't sound too pleasant.lol!

Eagleheart said...

He was exchausted okey,but why keep moving the cam all the time from side to side even he knew where thos dots were and didn't try to keep it stable and film their position at all times. *Confused*

This was interesting though ty :)



Greg St. Pierre said...

Shaky is a good word for it. Looks like an old AT&T commercial.

Patrik said...

I dont know their fly pattern but that doesnt look like bats!

Anonymous said...

LOL...If an object is seen streaking across the sky in two sec
it could be: "bat or bird" but on
this occasion,I think! not! stationary, looks unnatural for
bats or birds!...maybe some birds,
like the "skylark" will hover up high & sing, loverly to hear, out in the countryside!...but not tree of them at once,in a triangle shape
that would be clever!


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