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Obama In Roswell - "We are going to keep our secrets here"

To be honest, I am a bit taken back by Obama's light hearted comments about Roswell while he was there the other day. Was he ironically hinting in his sarcasm "we are going to keep our secrets here" that Roswell is something he will never be able to expose in his Presidency? From history, politicians have used sarcasm and riddles to imply meanings to the public on sensitive topics that they would otherwise be restricted to talk about (a well known example is president Reagans bizzare UN addresses on ETs).

If anyone has ever taken a closer look into Roswell and the numerous deathbed confessions from relatives and US Airforce personnel who were involved in the incident, many would conclude it is the most serious cover-up ever undertaken by the US government.

Surely it isn't something to be light hearted about when people assumed you as a president would be taking a stronger step on dissolving government secrecy. Ever since the campaign lead by the UFO community won numerous votes as the 9th most popular topic on the White House's website back in 2009 ( Obama's response to this in 2010 (see 2nd below video), I assumed Obama would made some progress on disclosure.

But what changes has Obama really accomplished on the freedom of information of UFO files and secrecy? To be honest with the legacy of the 60 plus years of clandestine institutions like the CIA which supersede the relatively short terms of Presidents, what can a US President really do to achieve progress on this issue during their short terms? What are the Presidents really told by these institutions, who's really calling the shots on these "need to know" half-century old secrets?

With news that the NSA Is Building America's Largest Spy Center in UTAH, I guess this contradicts any progress Obama may have made on secrecy. It's a real shame as many of us had HOPE Obama would make some difference.

Watch - March 22nd 2012 Obama's talks in Roswell "we are going to keep our secrets here":

Back in 2009 - Obama " ">I will never hide the truth because it’s uncomfortable. I will deal with Congress and the courts as co-equal branches of government. I will tell the American people what I know and don’t know, and when I release something publicly or keep something secret, I will tell you why.
– President Barack Obama, National Archives, May 21, 2009 "

A lighthearted President Barack Obama on Wednesday joked that although he had landed in Roswell he could not disclose if extra-terrestrials had done the same in a flying saucer in 1947.

"I announced to people when I landed that I come in peace," said the US leader, mocking an expression attributed to alien species in numerous works of fiction, including the animated blockbuster comedy "Toy Story."

Roswell, a town of 50 000 inhabitants in the state of New Mexico, is known worldwide for being the place where a spacecraft and its alien occupants were allegedly recovered 65 years ago and then hidden by the US government.

"Let me tell you, there are nine- and 10-year-old boys... when I meet them they ask me, have you been to Roswell, and is it true what they say?" Obama said.

"And I tell them, If I told you I'd have to kill you. And you know, their eyes get all big,"

ll big," the president added in Maljamar, a town 80 kilometers away from Roswell, where he was trumpeting his energy policy.

"We're gonna keep our secrets here!" he concluded. Source read more
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Chris."Bonnie"Scotland. said...

Why do they still treat the General Public in this condescending manner,thinking they can pass everything off with a little bit of Houmour-BIG MISTAKE!!

luvoz said...

they only make themselves look stupid
by making a joke of ufos existence .The informed and intelligent dont need to joke.

Anonymous said...

Ok so let's suppose Obama was smart and within his speech was some truth. The way he told it was funny.

Why pick a specific age group such as 9-10 year olds? Perhaps he hinted at the possible height?

Also it is true that some information is meant to be secret and if told they'd kill you.

Also his speech was worded in such a way that implys big eyes? Perhaps he hinted on their looks.

Sarcasm can be a form of humor to address something critical. Think outside the box.

Anonymous said...

HUMOUR!..People!? is not a BIG MISTAKE!! its good for ALL of us,

but in this case, its president Obamas way, of saying: I know what your thinking, BUT I'M NOT TALKIN!

It's the REASON, he's not talking
that we need to QUESTION!

He was only filling in the void, with humour, because he knows,that we know, he knows!! and he's not talkin!!....because: "ROSWELL 1947"
is on the map!?

Anonymous said...

It's just humor. And anyway of all the presidents the entrenched military industrial powers would let in on the truth, I seriously doubt President Obama would be one of them. I wish. Maybe he'd be the one to tell people the truth.

Anonymous said...

Nice, the president threatens to kill little children...

Anonymous said...

How about this: 1. Obama is a good guy but he knows that he can not do anything real about anything real because he will end up like JFK, and a little joke makes good TV.

2. Obama is a lifelong stooge of the rulers, it does not matter who the Pres/CEO is, and a little joke makes good TV.

Anonymous said...

How about this: 1. Obama is a good guy but he knows that he can not do anything real about anything real because he will end up like JFK, and a little joke makes good TV.

2. Obama is a lifelong stooge of the rulers, it does not matter who the Pres/CEO is, and a little joke makes good TV.

Kibby said...

He already told you the truth via the humour. ;)

The height and the eyes.

pete said...

Perhaps we all should be using the reverse speech technique to get at the truth.

Anonymous said...

You have said it all...people assume that the President can say any thing any timethey choose, and is not governed by any laws of secrecy. It was very clear that he said big eyes, little between the lines. i have personally seen close up UFO..they have the power to shut our body motion down. They have the power to speak to us without using words by mouth but instead go directly to the mind. This is a President that is one of the Service to Other, not Service to Self like so many others.

Anonymous said...

"Sarcasm can be a form of humor to address something critical. Think outside the box."
unless your rush limbaugh;)

seen the most ufos within the past year out here in western nebraska.
4 in 1 night with 2 other witness's. even heard on coast2coastam another person in texas described what we have seen here
to a T. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm :-)

Anonymous said...

Obama seemed like a good guy when he took office but his promise for transparency on "all" government issues was less than honest.
To talk down to Americans and be so condescending is appalling behavior. He may find some humour in this topic but that only shows how he gained our confidence to pick up votes, and than discard his promises so quickly show who he really is.......just a politician, nothing more!

Frank R. Santariga said...

Unfortunately, President Obama is not part of the industrial/military complex that is controlling the projects and agreements with the EBE's.

Anonymous said...

Obama is the same as bush and any other recent president. Nothing but a puppet of the powers that be used to set up a global government run by the banks. Look up NDAA. When he jokes about killing kids he's not really joking. soon the government will literally be killing your children just as they are now slowly with GMO foods, vaccines, chemtrails, and additives in your drinking water. Wake up

Anonymous said...

By saying "we keep our secrets here" and "I have to kill you if I would tell you" Obama confirms that the official statement of the goverment about Rosswell is not right and so he confirms that there is a coverup happening!

Anonymous said...

Obama can't even tell us the truth about his citizenship, and his place of birth, much less about UFOs, and Republicans are no better. (I'm not a 'robot'; I'm an extraterrestrial.)

w00zzy said...

Some of you people are really surprised by this? Since he's been in office he's done nothing he said he would do when he was running for office. If you really think he cares about you you're truly mistaken. He cares about keeping his power and expanding the power of the federal government. End of story.

Anonymous said...

yes..thats the undisputed truth of their close up encounters..they have the power to shut our body motion down..and power to speak to us without using words by mouth..but instead go directly to the mind..oh..i miss this being so much..i love et

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