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Recent FBI Roswell memo leads to call for full disclosure on the incident

With the recent FBi file release on Roswell from a FBI informants memo confirming that a crashed ufo disc was infact retrieved in 1947, previous witnesses testimonies are now being seen in a new light.
We can no longer ignore the numerous family members who have come forward over the years and the death bed confessions from officers stationed at Roswell during 1947 who knew what actually went on there.

Now that the FBI has come clean with the leaked memo - which is simply the tip of the iceberg, many are asking that they come clean and release all the further files on the incident. If the Obama administration really wants transparency and to set the record straight on Ufos they will have to start by disclosing what really happened in Roswell back in 1947 first.  A clean state is needed here for people to trust the government. Once thats explained everyone will then be asking what else have they kept from us over all these years - surely this 60+ year old lie has gone on long enough?

Here's some Roswell Witness Stories that have been around for a while:
These are real testimonies from family members and those stationed in Roswell when the incident occurred:
Beverley Bean, whose father, Sgt. Melvin E. Brown, was an American soldier, stationed in 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico. She recalls he told her as a child that a crashed flying saucer was found in 1947 and aien bodies were found. He served under major Jesse Marcel who also came forward before his death saying that a Disc did crash at Roswell
(Please ignore the crazy interviewer at the start of this - she does have interesting things to say about her father)

Part 2

Part 3

Roswell Confessions New Witness Testimonies

What a Father Saw, Part I - Sgt. Homer Rowlett's daughter
Click here for video
Larry Rowlett recalls his dad, Sgt. Homer Rowlett, describing government threats for talking
Click here for video
Pat Bush's sister in law, Miriam, told her that she saw an alien move. Bush shares tales of being tailed ever after.
Click here for video
Savage Dodson says his high-security status wasn't enough to get past MPs guarding something the government says didn't exist.

The Interview with Major Marcel

My focus in this presentation is to present a clearer picture of the man who was - and remains - at the center of the Roswell controversy; my father, Jesse Marcel, Sr.. I realize that my duty to my father is to present him as the man he was, as accurately as possible. As such, I feel I am the only living person truly qualified to wield the brush. I hope I serve his memory well. Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr. MD
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Anonymous said...

Argh! These memos do NOT admit that there were craft! They only report that someone claimed to witness some crash!
I'm all for believing the Roswell story, but saying the FBI is admitting to this is retarded. Let's not let this site turn into abovetopsecret.

Anonymous said...

Roswell is a fabrication. The Government is lying either way. They lied that nothing happened and now they'll lie about what did happen. I've heard the dumbest BS about the UFO being knocked down by our powerful radar in NM. Come on, that's some interstellar technology. The same radar wouldn't take out our plywood & tinfoil Lunar lander. Disclose whatever you want, don't buy into it people.

Anonymous said...

Some time ago, I read in a "Reader's Digest" that during the 2World War,it had been observed
with some curiosity, as to why the
"minor birds" were falling out of the sky dead.It wasn't that they were being shot, or from shrapnel.
These birds were somewhat warm & dead!? It had been worked out that the "radar" must have been the cause! [Microwave] The same effect as your microwave oven,COOKED!
Now if this story is correct,what do you think a strong Microwave transmission might do to a highly sensitive peace of technology, such as a ufo!? just a thought.....

Hieronymus Braintree said...

I think we need to let go of Roswell and trade a doubtful UFO story for a much more credible one.

First off, there appears to be some serious problem's with the main witnesses' veracity.

Not only was this guy quite the exaggerator but, having made a national fool of himself, had every reason to insist that his story was right the first time. Too bad we can't trust him.

But there's good news. One of Roswell's chief debunkers was a man named Charles B. Moore. Ironically, in addition to having lots of fun raining on the parades of true believers, he was a party to one of most credible yet incredible series of sightings ever.

First read this:

The link mentions only his sighting. What it doesn't tell you is that, according to Colonel Ruppelt, Moore's was only one of a rash of visitations that attendedPproject Mogul (which was still secret and referred to in Ruppelt's book as Skyhook)launches and that saucer sightings during these occasions were so common they actually ceased to be a subject of interest. In other words, these guys became so used to seeing flying saucers it actually got old.

Start with the beginning of Chapter Six and then move on to Chapter Nine where you'll find this:

"What made these people so sure that UFO's existed? In the first place, they had seen many of them. One man told me that one tracking crew had seen so many that the sight of a UFO no longer even especially interested them. And the things that they saw couldn't be explained."

And, remember, these are top-notch experts who had absolutely the latest info as to what was flying up there whose professional standing could hardly have been expected to improve by owning up to seeing these things.

Fie on Roswell. Go with this.

Kibby said...

To anon, if you read the microwave instruction manual, you can place a thin piece of alnonimum metal strip to prevent some certain part of meat from being overcooked..

What I'm saying is if the metal part of the object is getting the concentration of radar wave.. Probably not frying but instead scrambling its navigation system. Agree or not?

Anonymous said...

I think your close Kibby!

But what we don't know is what materials some ufo.might derive from, "over all" this could make a difference,and if the Roswell story is correct,and it did crash!then what made it crash after coming so far,from where ever, just to end up as a pile of junk in Roswell...some junk!?

But the story just doesn't end in Roswell,does it? because ufo crashes,have been ongoing, as you know. I think the answer is in what, the over all materials are, "of the craft" in how they are effected!?.....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we're the ET's and the higher beings just watch from a distance and laugh at our stupidity.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous number7:

If that were true,where would that leave YOU!?..funny that!:)lol

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