Friday, April 22, 2011

April 2011 Ufo reports from our readers

A few reports from the numerous emails we receive every day about Ufo sightings. If you spotted Ufos in regions similar to those mentioned below please respond to this post.
If you have had a Ufo sightings yourself recently please submit to us using the 'submit' button above.

April 20, 2011 - in Kansas City, MO, near Raytown
I saw something odd. I was standing on my porch and what appeared to be a flaming ball of something sailed through the sky heading west-ish (I suck at direction). I'm thinking it was either a meteor or something man-made, like a flare... the only thing, the tragectory seemed to be a straight line... Not arched like it would be if it were a flare shot from the ground. It was also moving faster than a flare (I think). It burned orange and blue, with sort of a sparking/sparkling tail. There was no pop like there would be if it were some sort of firework. I was actually looking up if there had been a meteor sighting when I found this site. I only saw it for a few seconds before it passed over the roof of an adjacent building and I lost visual, but it left me speachless. I couldn't tell how far away it was or how big it was and it was sometime around 9:00pm. I'll also say, I'm a doctoral student in a social science field

Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
i saw a huge triangle object in the night sky i could make out the outlined because it blacked out the other stars in thes sky. It has 3 big lights forming a triangle, they weren't bringht, almost dim but easily viewable. It flew overhead the 3 lights were very large, unlike any plane, helicopter, star i've ever seen. It moved extremely fasted, it flew across the entire sky in a matter of 10 seconds. Totally Silent. It happened in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, April 20th at 1130 pm. I was facing northbound.

stepped outside just now with my dog. time is 8:19 pm west liberty iowa . something caught me eye from the south . i look and something huge i mean like a mile long at least or bigger. it had three very bright lights triangle in shape. this is the first thing i have ever seen that gave me goose bumps . i have never seen any thing as big as this in the sky. it was traveling from south to north . i just cant stop thinking about how big this thing was . it came in fast then slowed and stayed at a steady pace until out of site. i yelled at my wife who also came out and watched it . all i can say is WOW unreal. i hope someone else in the area saw this .

It's was like 5.15 in the morning. I was walking to my bike in my garden goiing to work and I looked in the sky as always and notised in the clear sky this object goiing a little faster than a sattelite. It was moving from north to south and it was brighter than any star of again sattelite i've ever seen. It was so bright that it lit up the fog clouds a little.
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