Friday, April 22, 2011

Alien Creature Filmed In Fontainebleau April 2011 ?

Ok we have decided to post this video as the creature does look a little bit more legitimate than that fake alien seen over Siberia. Footage filmed by a family camping in the forest of Fontainebleau, France, April 2011. They throw fire on a stick at it at the end which i think you wouldn't do if it was a child right?
What ever this object was it was (whether small child with a claw) it was alive.
Would appreciate your comments and opinions on this alien sighting - real or fake ?
The way it hides behind the tree and then grabs is similar this sighting.
Recommend viewing at full screen - press square at the bottom right of the video

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Michael said...

It's a calf. Last time i post here, peace

Anonymous said...

It's an embarrassment to even post this one. Love the site but this is a pathetic video that should not get any shine.

Anonymous said...

Clear CGI

Anonymous said...

Quick Translation : Cam : Did you see something move... again !?
Man : Right, you...
Cam : There is something there !?
Girl : There is something behind the tree there...
Cam : Kitty, kitty, kitty. I gonna to fuck you up :D
Shit !! shit.... he's cut... the cat...
He's a bit to BIG. I don't like this.
I'm gonna to leave.
Girl : [...]
CAM : NO !
Man : erm... there is ...
You see, that's Jhon's son.
Girl : But why did you drop the torch !!
CAM : To make some light ...! Oh, shit !
Man : Wait, im gonna to smoke it !
[Girls Worring about fire]

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, at the start of this video on the left,the way I saw it,was the distorted view behind "fire & smoke" of a barefooted female profile!
NO ALIEN!...where's the Alien?


poisonblood696 said...

Leave it to the French to set the forest on fire cuz a little organic mystery scares the crap out of them. The fact that they do not seem to be camping at all, but out there with the intent to find/kill something, deducting that logic from the already prepared burning torch and what appears to be a baseball bat in the guys hand, i can only call bullshit on this, it is fake. The little guy is a puppet or CGI. This is about as fake as the kid in Australia who videos Greys in his backyard.

Nick DK said...


I`ll give the siberia alien 100 times more credit then this BS!

Cant believe u are posting this!


Anonymous said...

It has been claimed as a fake by Nils-017 on

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