Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No we won't post that video of the dead alien over Siberia !

We have been emailed about this dead alien numerous times daily but to put it simply, posting it here would be an insult to our intelligent readers. There are obvious reasons why we won't post that video of the dead alien over siberia  - its a fake. Leaked by a popular gossip website it has done the rounds on the web and sadly i was shocked the main stream media had the video up as a legitimate story.
Virals videos bring in the hits and this equates to quick exposure for many websites, and as shameful as it is, both the media and some websites can't resist this exposure, even if they are complete fakes or junk news stories.
Long gone are the days of investigative reporting as most media today is simply reduced to entertainment for designed short attention spans.
Here at RealUfos we won't do this - I know our readers have brains!
Yes it is true there were numerous ufo reports over Siberia in February this year but thats about it - nothing about ET's were mentioned by the locals.
Infact the whole video is nothing new as in 2007 there was also a fake alien discovery video in Siberia that got thousands of hits on youtube only later to be revealed as a sneaky viral video campaign for a Sony Playstation game.
You can see what all the talk about is here but we won't embed it on the website.
I would still like your opinion on the video and your welcome to reply to this post with your comments.

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Jeffrey Long said...

Yet you guys openly post stuff from tabloids...yeah, cause that makes total sense.

Or here's an idea, if yoiu guys are really about informing the public - post an article on it, with the video, and let people KNOW that it's fake and get that knowledge out there instead of just staying silent.

Anonymous said...

Well this is good to hear Matt!
As an every day Reader, this reinstalls confidence in the professionalism of RealUfos, and says allot about your standards on:


Because that IS, what we are all looking for...THE TRUTH.

Good on you Matt!

Anonymous said...

Great start - I wish you use the same logical paintbrush to fill in the gaps of some of the other stories you publish. Some simple follow up posts such as 'new york ufo's dedunked' or 'LA ufo most likely RC craft' or 'Isreal ufo linked to known hoax site'

A step in the right direction. Thumbs up.

Dickos Fortuna said...

Nice one! Yeah, probably could do more follow up of this kind on other debunked stories, but definately a good step.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeffery Long's comments. Rather than just claim a video is fake, end of story, it would be most helpful if you explain why said video is fake. To me, the alien body video is quite interesting and authentic. I would like to know why you think it is fake Matt.

Keep up the good work Matt!

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