Monday, April 18, 2011

The Buzz - Did you see those Ufos over Canada recently 14th April 2011 ?

I have received numerous emails from people about a spate of Ufo sightings over Canada recently starting on the 14th April 2011.
Im trying to piece together what happened here from all your reports. Some people saw the object was large and had a strong blue light - if you know more please respond to this post.

Ottawa On. April 14 my son and I were watching tv. My son said there was a bright star out the patio door which faces west. The time was aprox. 10 pm. We took our binoculars to have a closer look, clearly not a star but we could not figure out what it was

Bright huge ufo spotted ober Edmundston New Brunswick, Canada
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Dominic said...

Anyone with more info, let me know. Check out this vid.

Anonymous said...

We were in Costa Mesa, CA around 9:15pm on 4/14/2011 and noticed a strange orange arch in the sky, much larger than an airplane. It had fishtail-like streaks of smokey white trailing the ends of it. It suddenly went away and a few seconds later came back and turned into a dark red ball of light. The light fluctuated for a few seconds before it dissappeared again.

Anonymous said...

Thursday night April 14th 2011 @ around 10pm, my buddy and I were driving in monrovia. We saw a triangular shaped object flipping, spinning very fast through the air about 250 ft off the ground. It was flying like nothing id ever seen. Suddenly it disappeared and immediately there was a helicopter with its search lites combing the area.

Anonymous said...

i live in Edmundston and i see allots of triangular object flying making no sounds at all and its go like a mosquito in the air if you wanna no more from are story you can ask

Anonymous said...

hi my boyfriend and i were watching the sky at around 9:15 april 14, 2011 in bellflower california (near Long beach). we saw the same triangular shape jetting upward (and east) through the sky. (we were facing south) then it dissappeared and as others stated another object appeared but my boyfriend and i kept our eyes on it the whole time. it moved much more differently then the first object and flashed white super bright, then red super bright and dissapeeared into thin air right before our eyes. we were in awe but kept watching. the object reappeard maybe 3-6 miles east of where it dissappeared... if any one else saw this or has any more information feel free to contact me at : [email protected]

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