Sunday, April 17, 2011

UFO 14th April 2011 over Rockingham, Western Australia.

Ufos were back the next day over Rockingham, Western Australia:

Posters comments: I was on the phone to alexi and he's in South Australia. As we were doing our investigation I noticed two binary lights also known as the twins. They seem to maintain the same distance between they also seem to travel in the same Direction with out fault and they are both at the same brightness. I have seen the twins a couple of months ago! But their appearance is very Rare. Also the twins have Been spotted all around the globe. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Could it just be 2 balloons.

cassybondi said...

About a month ago I saw two UFO's similar to the ones shown in the Rockingham video and moving in tandem in a northerly direction late at night over Sydney. I had also seen one of these objects appearing twice over the previous three nights, these sightings coincided within a few days of the earthquake event in Japan. I tried to film the UFO's with my digital camera but I could not get a good focus on them as they were too small to pick up with the view finder I think. I also observed a couple of bright flashes of light in the sky near one the UFOs.
my son also witnessed two of the sightings. As far as being balloons ? balloons do not move at high speed in tandem and you would not be able to see them at night and satellites do not go about in pairs as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Could you please advise us as to exactly what these two people are "experts" in? From the look of the video, I would be inclined to say that they are certainly NOT experts in the video field. The pictures of these two people appear to be teenage kids with some really old camcorders. Frankly, my feeling is this is a hoax.

mark said...

these guys are frauds who hide the truth from people. one of their videos is a navy chopper and they just removed the comment explaining it. stupid teenagers

Anonymous said...


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