Wednesday, April 20, 2011

US Jetliner Avoids UFO - Pilot comes forward

Once again outlining the major threat that Ufos pose our passenger aircraft a US pilot (close to retirement) has come forward with this photo and description of his Atlanta bound craft which had a repeated Ufo encounter:

We spotted these objects on a flight (mid-Sept. 2002) from Washington DC to Atlanta from an MD88, at altitudes ranging from 15,000’ to 20.000’ at a speed of 515 MPH or about .75 Mach. At first they appeared to be meteorites. The objects were moving incredibly fast, however they were moving too slow for a shooting star. 

The objects appeared six times throughout the flight; we attempted to track the objects by banking our aircraft-- we were limited to the amount of roll we could apply to the aircraft because we had a full load of passengers and did not want to alarm them. The objects did not interfere with our flight path in anyway, we changed our course to match theirs. I have witnessed a few strange things during flights but I must say these were the most intriguing.

Source C2C
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Anonymous said...

I think,if Pilots can't talk about what they're seeing up there, because of the position they find themselves in,then the next best thing is Photos,videos.
after all,they're up there with these thing, & hopefully one day will get a really clear shot of what they're seeing up there, & can share with us..I would look forward to that..These Photos show for sure, that something was seen,..but WHAT??

Michael said...

I could put an exact replica of this photo together in photoshop in about 10 mins. Knowing what i know about photoshop as a graphic artist, this would be an extremely simple hoax, & I can say w/almost complete certainty that this was put together in photoshop. To me the lens flare, the reflection off the windshield, & the motion blur are all off unless the camera used had an unreal shutter speed, seems like an extremely steady shot for some1 on or possibly even flying a jet. This is a hoax

mark said...

Ah, Michael, you sound just like another one of those professional debunkers! You could say that about almost any photo of a ufo/anomalous object. Why immediately assume a hoax? Your evidence for this hypothesis is flimsy at best. What are you even DOING here, if you are unable to accept such a photograph may be authentic? I'm sorry but I have become disgusted with the number of purveyors of disinformation/serial debunkers coming out of the woodwork.

Anonymous said...

Why would the pilot want to ruin his reputation, by taking the time to conjured up and manipulate a photo. I think some people need to stop before they speak. Think about it! We need to stop and face our true reality, and that is there is something in our skie's that many of us have seen, and cannot explain. Accept it, there real.

Dickos Fortuna said...

"Knowing what I know about photoshop"... what a wanker! Just because you know how to use photoshop doesn't debunk anything!

Anonymous said...

well i dont think it is on radar because the controller is asleep.

Robert said...

There's no way an actual pilot would be banking and turning an aircraft full of passengers without alerting authorities just so he could "track the objects".

And it's not up to "serial debumkers" to prove this stuff fake. It's up to the people claiming unusual phenomena to show actual evidence. Speaking for myself, I love reading about UFOs and watching videotapes, And I'd love to live long enough to get concrete evidence of extraterrestrials, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna put blinders on and take every anonymous claim and photo at face value.

You do yourself a disservice to accept any and every claim as having intrinsic worth, just 'cause someone says it's true.

Michael said...

You can all be assholes if you want, but this picture is photoshopped. I was just pointing out what obvious flaws i noticed as every1 who studies Ufology should when they spot a hoax,& no, you couldn't say it about "any photo of a UFO or anomalous object" if it were taken before the invention of CGI then photoshopping would've been impossible. I have a degree in visual communication & design,I'm a Graphic artist who just recently cut my teeth in the industry by getting a book deal, i'm an EXPERT in photoshop, & this looks obviously edited. Believe me or don't, i really don't give two sweaty fucks.

Anonymous said...

Having a bad day are we Michael?
Looks like your "Trolls" are coming home to roost!
Remember!!...your one of us,in this
quest for the truth!?
Keep Smiling! & don't give up.
Remember the ufo sighting you've had.......? some of us haven't.

Michael said...

Let me just point something out. Underneath this post, you'll see another labeled "Berthoud UFO light lights" which shows a few snapshots of a luminescent object traveling through the sky. You'll notice that the object in the photo has a considerable amount of motion blur. Motion blur occurs when an object is traveling faster then the cameras shutter speed. That picture was shot while the man was standing still. Now why would a better quality image, shot while standing still, with a higher quality camera have more apparent motion blur then an object that was supposedly moving @ 515 MPH filmed from inside of a jet which was also traveling @ a high rate of speed, while using a lower quality camera? Anybody? It WOULDN'T, cause that's FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE! Mull that over, & try not to hurt yourselves figuring it out. BTW Anon. I'm nothing like you. You know why? Because i don't spatter useless bullshit every-time my fingers touch the keyboard to make a post on this site, i actually contribute viable information =)

Anonymous said...

Every one contributes to this site just like you, Michael! "in their opinion" right!? so what makes you think, your the top dog of an opinion, when you call the others
TROLLS!? I mean that a contemptible
attitude you have! the pits!
not good Michael!
What goes around,comes around!
is that what you want?
Did we hear you say you don't care?..Well right there!!..could be the problem, not enough care in this world of ours!
You can be better than that Michael!"This has been ETs.request of this Planet" Care & Peace.

Michael said...

You know what, i don't care anymore. The UFO community is 49.5% Trolls who call EVERYTHING fake, 49.5% people who believe everything they see, & 1% logical sound minded people who know how to intelligently form an opinion based on what they KNOW, not think. Every-time I offer an opinion i get called an idiot, so fuck it. Anon. You're a complete tool. Seriously dude, every-time you make a statement it's aimed towards insulting the poster or negatively downplaying another persons opinion , yet i've never heard you offer anything of value. Seriously, i've looked. NOT 1 TIME! Every1 else, good luck on your journey. I know UFOs/ET lifeforms are real & are visiting our planet because I'VE SEEN UNDENIABLE PROOF OF THEIR EXISTENCE W/MY OWN EYES IN PERSON! But i'm done trying to help those who haven't be aware of the amazing alternative to the tiny box that is what we've programmed to believe is the only reality & possibility that's out there, & i will selfishly/respectfully keep my mouth shut from now on, because trying to help you close minded fucks is pointless.

Michael said...

49.5%.... rather. I should never attempt math after a bong hit again

Anonymous said...

We hope you feel better now Michael
now that you got that off your chest, but you know what?
Its all RONG what you say about the
Anon: they are entitled to their
opinions on ufo what ever,but you call them trolls!!..not a good way
to make a positive impression.
To stick with what you believe in
and run with it,is the way to go,
not to insult People...Realpeople!?

Michael said...

You can't even spell wrong much less call some1 out for being it. I'm right & you're "RONG" lol. Fuck off troll

Anonymous said...

So I left the W off!


Your found to be an egotistical
loud foul mouth who's only ambition was to be the leader of TROLLS! How pathetic is that??
and you know what? I was actualy
interested in what you were saying on this site about ufo.what have you, but not your uncaring foul mouth attitude,which it seems, was not appreciated EVEN,by the others.

----------GROW UP!!-------------

Anonymous said...

Just a "WONG" attitude Michael!

Get your but back on the front page
where you belong!! Peace!......

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