Monday, April 18, 2011

Day light Triangle Ufo Over Temecula, California 2011

UFO formation or Triangle shaped craft over Temecula Valley, California April 2011
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KillaBob said...

Wow, this is very interesting, weird how it seemed to go backwards then forward again.

Good Vid man!


Kibby said...

craft didn't go backward. cameraman moved away from building to give more visual room for filming (hence changing angle making it looking like craft went back).. =)

Marc said...

I just saw something like this last night! it would have been huge if it was something close. It was about 11:50 pm I got the binoculars to look at it and when I did, I saw an orb type thing moving through the sky. I started watching that thinking it was a satellite until it did a 45 degree turn into another direction. I twas awsome! I am going to wait up and see if it is in the sky again tonight to see if it is in the same spot. if it is then maybe it was just the stars(?) Granby CT

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