Saturday, April 23, 2011

Firefighters spot Ufo lights over North of Holland in Rotterdam ?

It seems that i got some facts incorrect over this recent report
A reader has corrected me:
The firemen, in the newspaper, did not see an UFO, but they saw ''mysterious'' lights that resembled flames. Nothing was actually ''flying'' yet, but the strange thing is that they found nothing in the area. Which is strange since the drought and the large fire hazard that is related to . 
And the area is Bergen not Rotterdam.
Here is one news article on it
Posters comments:
The newspaper of today tells of a strange, amber-fire like sighting in the dunes of ''Bergen'' (North of Holland). A resident of that area noticed it, his description is: ''between a moving and flickering'' light. He called the fire deparment because of recent activities of a pyromaniac in the area. Firemen, a police helicopter to track fires and persons and firetrucks were dispatched to the area. They found nothing, but several firemen confirmed the sighting which did not resemble flames. This all happened around 0:30 nighttime. Normally I would discard this as an UFO but see it as a fire, but since the sighting from ''Rotterdam'' is on your site, this maybe can be related to it.
Previous Ufo sighting from nearby  Rotterdam back in March 2011

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Anonymous said...

Spirits! ;-)

Leopoldo Zambrano EnrĂ­quez said...

Chinese Lanterns.

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