Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trianglular craft Ufo Cambridge April 11th 2008

An older video here. Shows some type of Trianglular craft Ufo over Cambridge. If anyone has further information on this sighting, which i have been told was filmed on  April 11th 2008 then  please reply.
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Anonymous said...

Clearly led-lights or something in that area. The balloon one is hilarious! Good show by the hoaxers :)

Hieronymus Braintree said...

You probably should let us know if the Cambridge you refer to is Cambridge, England or Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but one thing is sure, he definitely isn't studying photography at Cambridge University.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it looks like a lantern, a baloon with some leds.

It's spinning by the wind, and sometimes we can see the balloon shape.

Nothing to do here. It's clearly a fake UFO!

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