Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Strange Country: A Different Kind of UFO Documentary

In 1987, in the community of Wytheville, Virginia, a series of UFO encounters occured that many people from policemen to many in the public  remember seeing. Reporter Danny Gordon got into serious trouble after taking photos of the ufo as someone did not want these photos out.
A new documentary on the incident is coming out:

25 years after international media attention came to tiny Wytheville, VA on the heels of massive UFO sightings, the echoes still ring for reporter Danny Gordon. Gordon, a newscaster with a wall full of UPI awards and community work citations, became the unintentional center of the upheaval caused by an array of strange objects in the country skies from 1987-88. Click here to support this film

The Photos that caused major trouble for Danny: Read more on the story here

UFO Photo by Danny Gordon UFO Photo by Danny Gordon UFO Photo by Danny Gordon

We recommend you watch the highly interesting and important
Wythe County ufo case Virginia on unsolved Mysteries:
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Spooky Fox said...

Your link to support this doesn't seem to be working, is this just a problem my end? It says 'error 404'.

Spooky Fox said...

The link to support this doesn't appear to be working, is this a problem down my end? It says 'error 404'.

Anonymous said...

Context is everything. A viewer unfamiliar with small Southern mountain towns like Wytheville, VA may think "they're just like us," when they're not. I've lived near the town since '85, and though I have had experience living in big cities and small towns prior, the differences remain stark. I mean to say, don't expect Mayberry. These folks are truly good people, with family, God, and country their primary values. But given the history of their location, they are suspicious of strangers, and with several good reasons which would take too long to explain in a small response. They don't trust strangers at their door, on their phones, moving in near them, and especially hovering over their houses in giant crafts. So please keep that in mind as you watch this. Maybe "Strange Country" will shed some light on that, but this "Unsolved Mysteries" episode, though quite good, doesn't, and it hurts the verisimilitude. (So does the first caller to the radio station, whose "accent" is not only NOT from the mountain South, it's not from anywhere in the world except Hollywood, and cheap Hollywood at that.)In sny case, give the case and the folks involved a break by not rushing to judgment. Thanks--

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