Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ufo video in from Polk City Iowa 4/24/2012 8:44pm

New ufo video in from Iowa - Does anyone have any idea what these lights were/ - they were in triangle formation:
Source - Mufon report: My friend and I was out fishing at Big Creek near Des Moines, Iowa, we had just got set up and was sitting there talking and waiting for a bite. It was just a few minutes before the sun went down completly for the day, and then I seen something out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked toward the object and I was completly amazed at what I was seeing. I turned to my friend and said do you see that. He said "woooow what is that!" It was a glowing orb coming towards us. It was going behind the treeline right behind us, so we got up and ran up the bank and the hill right behind us that featured all the trees. Then I told my friend to get his smartphone out and get this on video, he did just that. As he finished his first video we then seen another orb following the first. I looked at one the orbs through the canopy of the trees and it seemed like it just stopped or paused in mid air for just a brief moment. Then it seemed like it was at the speed it was going at like it never stopped at all, meaning it didnt seem to excelerate to get back up to crusing speed. It just went back to that speed. Really really strange!!! Then the same one just went black and I could see its shape becuase it wasnt quite dark just yet. It was circular just like it was when it was emmiting light. It was getting harder to follow through the woods, so I quit chasing it. I had seen enough. I knew I was seeing something that I had never seen before in my entire life. Im outside at night a lot because I love to fish for catfish, which are more active at night. Ive seen plenty of stuff in the night skies such as planes headlights, satellites, metorites, but nothing like this my whole life. Im a star gazer so Ive seen the sky alot and know it pretty well. I should also mention that my compass on my truck didnt work at all when we left the lake. Until the next day when I was driving to work it just came back on. All it would read was C, which I had never seen before and Ive had this truck since 2005. What happened to North, South, East, and West.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome. I have also seen a UFO over a body of water here in Iowa while fishing with brother. Ada Hayden lake in Ames, three or so years ago.

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