Saturday, April 28, 2012

UFO In London - Real Or CGI?: 26/04/2012

We have our reservations about this video, but would like to ask our reader if you think it's genuine or not? Take a closer look in full screen:
Posters comments: Three fast flying UFOs have been filmed by passenger from an airplane, just 10 minutes before passing the London Sky (England, United Kingdom) from northwest on his way to Frankfurt, Germany on April 26, 2012.
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Anonymous said...

I believe it's genuine, to be honest these days no one cares about making fake UFO vids, im a UK resident and myself reported 3 orbs last summer, they flew past very quickly revolving around each other, almost 'playing' if you like.

Anonymous said...

Its likely, not a cgi.and I say this,only for the reason, that the 3 Orbs,particularly the top left one,if not all of them,and its hard to see them; 3 or 4 peculiar anomalies, spinning clockwise around the main object, in the
direction of travel, to the right. I've seen this before on other shots, but not on all of them.Just magnify what you can,and you will see these anomalies, a bit curious YES?....Could a cgi. incorporate this curious movement?...thats the point!...if so,its poison to Ufology,because whats Real, & what isn't!?

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