Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meteor Like Object Seen In Peruvian Skies: 17/5/2012

Meteor Like Object Seen Over Peruvian Skies - 17th May 2012

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My 3 year old daughter saw something in the sky and cry mom fell a star, I went to him and this is what we saw with another 2 q neighbors, no idea what it is, way too slow, lasted several minutes was it CAPTAIN AMERICA?, lol.
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Anonymous said...

just a plane catching sun light!
Please don't post these things!

Anonymous said...

REALFAKE!! the end of this video,what ever that object was ment to be, moves in front of the pole or mast,what ever it's ment
to be, when it should have been seen to move behind it! so how would you explain that illusion?
Makes me wonder how many more FAKES we are going to be seeing that is allowed through...........

Anonymous said...

its the contrail of a plane. why do some people think OMG ufo? i can understand the 3yr old but an adult? come on you dont been to be to clever to work it out!

Anonymous said...


Who is talking about contrails? we all know they're contrails!and yes!
even YOU do too,but what about the
"AUTHENTICITY"of the video showing the contrails?...let me show you what I mean.

LOOK at the end of the video, and watch the contrails pass"in front" of the pole,do you think that is normal? or do you think the contrails, should pass behind the pole?...The video has been tampered with in my opinion, not only that,the Posters comment said:

[My 3 year old daughter----and then goes on to say: I went to HIM!!!]...Hellooooo!

Is it a daughter or a son we are to understand?? so you see,I don't
buy this video at all...why it was ever allowed to be posted in the first place, can be your guess.....

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