Saturday, May 19, 2012

UFO Ovni Footage - Moscow: 17/05/2012

UFO reports in from Russia, on the 17th of May.
This First UFO video is VERY interesting:
UFO over the Ostankino TV tower, in Moscow - May 17/2012
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skahooch21 said...

Well, shoot, I thought the second video was just Venus...then a second light shows up! -That shouldn't be there!

Randall said...

Time lapse footage, cut ins with transparent city skyline, and lights that appear to be a classic triangle UFO look exactly like the city lights.

I think it's fake. To good to be true.

luvoz said...

im not sure what im supposed to be looking at here ? i see a star and am waiting to see something appear but nothing does ? im a bit confused.

Anonymous said...

this isnt anything its a time laps of a UFO over a tower mmm what are the times of the time laps. it could just be an airliner that was passing if the laps in 2-3 mins pre shot.

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