Monday, August 06, 2012

The Dyatlov Pass Mystery - Unsolved Russian Mystery.

The Dyatlov Pass is an unusual and highly intriguing case which may have been UFO related:
Do you think its likely an orb or Ufo may have landed or go to close to them?
During the night of the 1st of February 1959 a team of nine experienced cross country skiers abandoned their tent in the Russian Ural Mountains and fled to a nearby forest. They were in such a hurry that they were only partially clothed and cut though the sides of their tent to save time. The temperature outside was minus 15 degrees. Within hours they were all dead. Rescuers recovered their bodies at two separate times and discovered that while some had frozen to death others had sustained injuries. Reports have made claims of high levels of radiation, strange lights in the sky, missing body parts, strange orange skin tones and even the possibility of UFO involvement. Now we seek to understand the truth about what really happened....
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Nemesis said...

There is only one fact about this case that is irrefutable. Nine people lost their lives because something, or someone, caused such terror to them all that they left the relative safety of their camp site to hide out somewhere else and in their panic some forgot to dress adequately.

The rest is pure speculation unless the authorities who investigated this event found out something that they wished to keep secret from the public?

The investigation team would also have had to spend some considerable time on that mountain. How come they got out alive?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Never heard that one. Chilling, whatever the cause. I'd trust the locals on this one and not attribute it to ETs but rather some seriously malignant spiritual agency.

Great clip!

Anonymous said...

I have seen this video on two other occasions & now again! Its very disturbing & I wasn't going to
comment on it,but it is curious why
these people slashed their way out of the tent,instead of rushing out
through the flap of it. This can only mean, that what ever had manifested its self in the tent
that was Sooooo shocking to them....was blocking the one way out,through the flap of the tent and they didn't need to be told twice how to make another exit, to
leave "immediately!!!!" it must have been THAT SHOCKING!! for them to have left in the way they did,
but to no prevail,because the very thing that mativated them in the first place, to leave immediately!...dealt with them in the most stunned & hideous, shocking way!!

Was it worse than cattle mutilation? I'd say so!!...not a good story to sleep on............

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