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UFOs In American History

One of our recommended UFO documentaries to watch here at Realufos, if you haven't already seen it.
This 2005 documentary looks at the US governments only major investigation into UFOs - Project Bluebook. The results of this heavily biased, decades old investigation are used today for the US Airforces "closed case" response to why it doesn't investigate UFOs. To the governments disappointment, Dr. Allen Hynek, the head of the Bluebook Investigation at the time, followed the governments stance of discrediting the topic and eventually came foward as a true believer. He says that as a scientist he could not deny that some cases could never be explained and were believed to be of extra-terrestrial origin.
He spent rest of his life investigating the phenomenon:
 This segment features the American history of UFOs, starting with the 1947 UFO sighting by Kenneth Arnold, a businessman and pilot, when the term "flying saucer" was first coined. It also addresses the 1950s CIA Robertson Panel reportedly created to remove the aura of mystery of UFOs so that people would no longer take them seriously and no longer bother to report them because they were clogging the Pentagon's phone lines starting in 1952. Jennings reports on the Robertson Panel: "So flying saucers, whatever they were, wherever they came from, were to be made the subject of ridicule." 

On the Air Force's Project Bluebook, Jennings shows that it was a public relations effort to get UFOs out of the newspapers by saying that UFOs were nothing more than weather balloons, rare atmospheric conditions, a star on the horizon, or whatever it took. Ohio state astronomer Dr. Allen Hynek was hired by the Air Force to work for Bluebook and discredit UFO sightings. In 1969, the Air Force closed down Bluebook, stating a lack of scientific interest. There was one loud dissenting voice: Bluebook's chief scientist Dr. Allen Hynek who was once skeptical, but after more than 20 years and 12,000 UFO investigations, became a believer. Dr. Hynek spent the rest of his life investigating and calling for serious scientific inquiry into the UFO phenomenon but most of his fellow scientists rejected his opinions. 

 The Minot AFB B-52 UFO Incident. 16:10 We are also reminded of Blue Book case# 12548, in which a UFO was sighted on October 24th, 1968 at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota. Airmen on the ground saw a brightly-lit object hovering above the ground. A B52 was flying in the area and was diverted to investigate. The crew clearly saw a structured craft and they appear on camera to describe their experiences. The co-pilot, an Air Force captain, is certain that what he saw was an alien spacecraft. The navigator picked it up on his radar scope and we are shown photographs of the actual blip as it paced the aircraft. When it vanished from the scope, they turned the aircraft in an attempt to locate the UFO visually.They saw it hovering close to the ground. It was described as at least 200-feet in diameter, hundreds of feet long, glowing yellow, with a metallic cylinder that was attached. The crew of the B52 and sixteen ground witnesses attested that they saw a UFO that night. Blue Book came to the astonishing conclusion that what they actually saw were nothing more than stars! Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Good Video!....but I would like to say...that if we are very bad at seeing something we thought we saw,
then how is it, that "millions" of us, are very bad at seeing something we thought we saw,
when alot of us are saying:

"I KNOW what I saw" & "seeing is believing".....We surely can't be all rong!?...but you know! the 95%
of sightings that can be explained
away,must be because we're very bad
at seeing what we thought we saw! I saw it with my own lying eyes!?:)..Deception? or Perception?
or Both!?............

skahooch21 said...

The idea that science can come up with such horrible answers to unexplainable things is what makes me wonder why science is more fiction than fact.

Science ALWAYS attempts to explain things by conducting experiments and showing results, when it comes to the issues of UFOs, science suddenly needs no REAL proof! They come up with more questions than answers, most likely confusing the viewer/UFO claims.

It's amazing the way science and society manages to exist by giving people false claims and unreal scientific answers!

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