Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gary Mckinnon Talks! 'Non-Terrestrial Government Agents'

The hacker who was meant to have pulled the "biggest military computer hack of all time" revealed in an interview, that he found evidence of "about twenty to thirty non-terrestrial officers” and McKinnon “saw their ranks, and ship to ship transfers off world.”
I would like your thoughts on the below interview... was this UFO story concocted to deter his extradition, or is it really the content of his hack that has caused so much commotion?
Highly interesting fast forward and listen at 2.00 min into this video: News story:
UK Hacker Gary McKinnon Tells About Non-Terrestrial Government Agents:
(Linda Moulton Howe interviewing him?)
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Anonymous said...

I've always believed that there is a secret space program, so this doesn't surprise me really.
(I think the nterviewer is Kerry Cassidy not Linda Moulton Howe).

Luis Lazaro Santos said...

its Kerry Cassidy from project Camelot here's the video

Bathtub said...

Sadly, McKinnon is not a well man, and I'd no more trust his testimony than I'd bang him up for 60 years in a country he's never been to.

Diamond Fingers said...

I think it goes without saying Gary had the government by the balls and perhaps saw more then he is saying. The government knows if they let him go or not his tale would sound like the other stories people so easily laugh off but what amazes me is that he walked away clean. How on earth does anyone who manages to embarrass the US military so greatly just walk away.There must have been something really big in this case or they would have let him just die in jail. Cheers to Gary !

Anonymous said...

Some of us have learnt about the secret space program,so we're not
surprised with what Gary has said
and can understand why he's stirred up a hornet's nest,its simple!...WE ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO KNOW ABOUT THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM
Hahahaha!...Go Gary!!!...He has lifted the lid on Pandora's box,as
Bob Dean would say!? "SO KEEP GARY
SAFE" he has helped Disclosure
on this subject.Aren't we suppose to have TRANSPARENCY???...instead
of a hornet's nest in support of

Anonymous said...

If I was him, I would be scared as hell. He will end up missing or dead. US doesn't like people knowing what they are really up too.

Anonymous said...

UFOLOGY - The world!! Needs answers
and people do what they do,to find those answers, Gary was not the "only one" doing this!just the one that was caught!..So who else
knows what Gary knows??........?

Isn't it more the question of security!?................

Anonymous said...

Gary is not a well guy.
Just leave him alone .

Anonymous said...

My mind just exploded. No need to flashy thing me now.

Anonymous said...

Yesss hahaha

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