Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bizarre Ball Of Light Over Aalborg Øst, Denmark: 2011

An intriguing UFO sighting sent in by a reader, from 2011:
If anyone in the area from Aalborg Øst in Denmark also spotted this object, please respond to this post.
It looks like a star but it wasn't, the time was around 14:00 and there was sunshine and summer, there were no stars and there was sunshine and the Light Ball object was moving very slowly in one direction for a few minutes, after which it stopped and hung same place for about 15 minutes and then began to fly again just in the other direction, and there was no sound. I saw it with my son, his friend and my neighbourghs and we had a binoculars we shared to look in, and the Light Ball object was like an orange fire ball which changed shape. The many other lights that pops up in the video, we could not see with our own eyes, but only when the movie was downloaded to the computer (I've made ​​the slow motion effect so you can better see them as they whiz past) My son's friend was the first noted that over the bright object hung lots of little lights (Flotilla) and after a short they formed themselves into a zigzak shape as this: VVVVV but they can not be seen on the recording as I filmed it, they were too high up to that my camera could zoom in on them.
It all lasted about 45 minutes, after which the object disappears behind a big cloud.

And here is another movie clip that I filmed right after: 

I also have all the original recording without special effects like: music, slow motion and color change. I would also say that since that I have seen several other types of UFOs in this area, and the strangest one was a black shape-shifting object who made no sound and which I saw only a few days after I filmed these light balls (September the 9th, 2011). I also know others who have seen UFOs in this area.
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