Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UFO over Fairfax County Virginia Jan 17th

This "mother-ship" was spotted in Fairfax County in Virginia on January 17, 2013. Three objects can be seen 'leaving' the mother-ship. Its important to note the smaller objects move up from the larger object.
If anyone has any idea what this object may be or actually witnessed this please reply to this post.

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Anonymous said...

Could it be important to note,that the smaller objects maybe moving sideways from the "mother-ship" as
opposed to up, as the allusion in the video,is seen!?

What could these smaller objects be
that are seen leaving from the mother-ship?.......Shuttle crafts?

Drones in general, controlled by the Mother-ship!? OR all of the above,in each unit?

I have noticed in some videos, in close up shots! of saucer shaped craft, with a small orb spinning over and around the craft, as it went along, and found that most curious!!

It would be interesting if others have seen this as well...........

Anonymous said...

Nice from nova too. Wish I could've saw somthing like this

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