Friday, February 01, 2013

UFO Lights Over Dunedoo New South Wales, Australia

Dunedoo NSW UFO sightings:
A man from Dunedoo, New South Wales has been spotting over 50 unidentified flying objects (UFOs) across the night sky. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted an expert to observe the weird UFO activity in the area.
Here is his UFO video and interview:
UFO Research NSW President Mariana Flynn personally went to Dunedoo and observed the UFO activity there upon hearing the man's reports. "I was there for two nights and I spotted nine lights in the sky. We know that they were not satellites and they were not planes so what were they?" the UFO expert mused. Mariana Flynn examined the man's video footages and listened to his reports.
"Two of the lights that he's seen on a regular basis always travel together, one behind the other. 

Some of them pass each other and others appear on their own," Flynn shared. The expert noticed another light consistently seen in the footage. "It's green and pulsates and looks a little bit like a mushroom that has also been described by a man on the Central Coast," Flynn revealed. 
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There are other UFO sightings accounted in Australia. In North Queensland, Cardwell and Townsville residents witnessed unidentified lights in the night sky.Here's that sighting from Cardwell Queensland Australia from a few weeks ago:
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