Saturday, April 13, 2013

Readers Personal UFO Sightings: April 2013

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Vancouver Island Canada 11th April 2013
Early morning of April 11th 2013, I was woken by the dog going nuts!..i took her out, came back in. got into bed and that is when I noticed a flash of lightening. I didn't think much of it till I saw it repeat. then again and again..steady. more of a blinking the same repeated format...I've not seen lightening act that way before. So got dressed grabbed the dog and went out to the street and stood in the middle of the road. It was North from me, on the Malahat in BC, Vancouver Island. The light was high up and akin to lightening, amongst the clouds. I tried to discern from it's direction what might be creating it. The fire station was to the left of it ( discounted that idea) The highway was to the right ( discounted that idea) I realy dont' know what was causing it...all I can say, on first flash...I thought it was the 3rd..i knew it wasn't. it was one colour...a white silvery light. it was as if.....between the cloud coverage.....Blinking about every 5 seconds.....I thought of getting into my car to drive to a clearer area and view..but chickened out. I regret that now... I noticed it was gone by about 2.15am. . 

Queenstown, Tasmania. Australa
  Saw this large object in the sky, 8pm at night, on the 4/4/13. It appeared in the north east, getting larger and slowly moving towards the south west over town. It stopped moving and hovered silently for approxiamately 4 minutes, then retreated back to the direction it had initially appeared, growing slowly smaller, then in last few seconds retreated at speed, instantly disappearing. I managed to get three photo's, the first two undiscernable, the third with more defined shape.
  Misson Beach  San Diego, California
1st Aprl / 30th March 11:45pm Alternating colors. Emitting single smaller blueish lights that seem to fade. Has been in the same location for sometime now. Seems to be over the Mission beach area.

Orbs hovering over house.
Submitted in by Youtuber starcrazzy1 - hovering orbs over Texas April 2013:

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