Sunday, April 07, 2013

Canadian Government Stops Investigating As UFO Sightings Increase - Why?

Experts in UFOlogy say the number of UFO sightings keep rising in Canada, but the government is failing to support the public interest in the topic. It seems the government are ignoring all requests to formally investigate UFO cases and pass them on to volunteer organisations.
Many assume the reluctance to investigate UFO cases follows the US "case closed" stance whereby the government has outsourced all UFO investigations so it is no longer responsible for further FOI requests on the topic.
Its truly a sad day for Canada.
News report:

Although government agencies such as the RCMP, Transport Canada and the Department of National Defence used to make some effort to investigate UFO reports, documents obtained under the Access to Information Act show that these reports are now being handed off to civilian volunteer investigators, like writer and UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski.
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Anonymous said...

Actually I have a photo with strange lights over Castle San'Angelo on april 6. I did not see those lights with my eyes but they appeared on the photo

Anonymous said...

Experts in the Canadian Government are ignoring Investigations into FOI organisations changing government Agencies such as Transport Canada. The question is, how will citizens get to the Black valley when they die.

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting question,why in deed, "are our Government Departments not making some effort to investigate UFO.reports"..Well they have!!! But where did it get them,and us!?

This could be, for three reasons I can think of.

1/..Our Governments are politically very tied up.

2/..Our Governments are in the know, for what might be coming,and not want us to know.

3/..Our Governments are more than likely,Powerless to take it to the next level because
the phenomenon, is so elusive & powerful, to approach!?...Hahaha!..Could it BE! they
don't know what a UFO. IS!?:) for most of them. After all, they are the ones saying
there is no evidence!While the rest of us, are going nuts over what is seen around the If you don't know what a,and you've never seen one, then there is no
evidence of far as the Government is concerned,yeah?..Look, its simple!

If some of you people are in contact with ETs. as I've heard it said, then I
suggest you set up your camera on tripod,in some open area.White House Lawn, be just fine! and invite your friends ET.& craft,to land in front of your camera,so we can see them disembark,come to your camera and say Hi! to us all.Post your video to RealUfos.and watch
me fall off my keyboard.I think I wouldn't be the only if it were only that easy!

It would be extremely, interesting if we could all view a Human Extraterrestrial interview
as we've been told,they are down here, and in amongst us.Wouldn't that be an eye opener for our Governments who say, NO EVIDENCE!!..You & I, both know this will not happen,
because there are much larger issues at stake,and as its been said,it would take an act of
God to let this out....................

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